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World Market
Creating a New Business Idea
The Story
by Jennifer Conway, Group Account Director

When you start digging deep into a client's business, something happens. You find yourself thinking past simply promoting their brand and instead start discovering ways to shape it.

That's the story behind CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET. It's a business idea we brought to World Market in the fall of 2012 that's more than just a regular ad campaign.

Inspired by trends in retail and technology like Presuming (where consumers determine which prototypes get made) and a movement toward items made by artisans and crafters, we said,

"You know what would be cool? If World Market had an online design platform where shoppers get to decide which handcrafted, limited-edition items come to life."

We knew we had come up with an awesome idea that coincided perfectly with our clients' brand, and they agreed.

So we got to work to bring the new business idea to life, from figuring out the mechanics of the program and name to creating a website and the new brand's identity, from logo to launch video

You need a collaborative, can-do spirit to bring great ideas to life.
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