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We Like 'Em Hairy
The Story
by Ryan Links

If you'd stepped into Swirl in November, you would have likely been overcome with a frenzy of emotions. For some, jealousy or envy for others, maybe lust or at least a strong sense of desire. This was because nearly every guy you'd pass would have been sporting a mustache. You would've seen every style represented in the agency, from Glorified Peach Fuzz to The Handlebar to The Tom Selleck.

Are we crazy for man hair? Or just crazy? Not exactly. We grew our 'staches to support men's health for a cause called Movember. It's true that we might've freaked out a few clients by showing up to meetings looking like a 1970's police officer's club. But it was well worth it. In total, through pledges, donations, and the occasional bake sales, our mustachioed men and awesomely motivated team of Mo'Sistas helped to raise $4,467 in support of men's health. Couldn't have been more proud of our rookie Mo Bro's team. We even had the SF Egotist write a story on the feat.

Hairy Mugshots
Looking like a 1970's police officer's club
Mo' Sistas
Mo' Fundraising