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Soy Vay
& Flavor Underground

The Story
by Matthieu Brajot, Art Director

Soy Vay came to us wanting a full rebrand of their site, which is always a fun project and probably the best assignment a client could ever give to an agency. You get to explore creative opportunities, learn about the personality of the brand, and then shape how that creativity will live, whether it's online or anywhere else the brand may appear.

We started by taking their core values of being a bit quirky and fun and translated that spirit to their new website, where we wanted to let their personality as a brand shine through. From there we brought in hand-drawn illustrations, cool design accents and hidden gems that make visiting the site fun. But we also thought, "Who doesn't love a cooking show?" So we pitched Flavor Underground.

And we thought, "Who doesn't love a cooking show?"
Behind the Scenes