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Soy Vay
The A Pollo '13 Space Mission

The Story
by Brian Shown, Creative Director; Mike Ruiz, Associate Creative Director; Matthieu Brajot, Art Director

As the Soy Vay team began to strategize on how to take their deliciously unique line of sauces and marinades to the national level, they came to us with an incredibly large ask–discover a test market and do something so epic, the brand couldn't be ignored. To which, of course, our obvious answer was, "OK, let's launch it into space!" Christened the A Pollo '13 Space Mission, what started as a joke quickly sent us on our own epic mission to take soy and sesame to the stars.

Over the course of the project dioramas were built, NASA scientists were consulted, breakthroughs were made, and lawyers were frightened as an incredible team of geniuses, designers, mathematicians and creatives came together to build the world's first (and possibly only) space cooker capsule–capable of cooking a marinated chicken over 100,000 feet above the earth's surface.

Our answer was, "OK, Let's launch a marinated chicken into space!"
A Pollo '13 Patch and Chicken Chaser
The A Pollo '13 Mission Poster