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Appliance Recycling Program
TV Commercial :30
The Story
by Matthieu Brajot, Art Director

Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Northern and Central California’s utility provider, is on a mission to help people save money. One way is through their Appliance Recycling Program, in which PG&E will pick up old refrigerators and give customers a $50 rebate.

They wanted to let customers know that replacing their old fridge with a new model can save tons of money on their energy bills. And PG&E can take care of the entire recycling process, from pick up to earth-friendly recycling methods. Best of all, PG&E offers $50 in exchange for each fridge.

Our challenge? To capture people’s attention with work that communicates PG&E’s messages while still being interesting and fun.

Our solution? Let the fridge do the talking – through those plastic alphabet magnets we all know and love.

So, we created a charming little TV spot, built around the concept of magnets rearranging themselves on a fridge door, which was aired across several Northern California markets.

Our Solution? Let the Fridge do the Talking.
The Team
Behind the Scenes