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Smoked By Windows Phone
Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge
The Story
by Brian Diecks, Creative Director

It was the technology equivalent of picking a fight in a biker bar. Our competitors were huge and intimidating — the iPhone and Google. Gulp! But to make a splash for Windows Phone at the Microsoft retail store, we had no choice but to throw down. So in stores, we set up mini boxing rings and challenged 48,000 customers to see if their phone could beat ours. Fully 98 percent of the time, Windows Phone smoked the competitors. We even posted photos of defeated customers on social media. Our reputation was spreading fast

We then took the fight right into Apple's back yard. At the grand opening of the Microsoft store in Palo Alto, we built a full-size boxing ring to stage the main event. Complete with a ring announcer and a local high school band that played the theme from Rocky to get contestants psyched for battle. The big event, combined with the daily challenges in-store, was by far the most successful customer experience held at the Microsoft retail store in terms of lines, participants, and social buzz.

The Faceoff
In-Store Challenge