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Grand Openings
Microsoft Store Opening with the Black Keys
The Story
by Nick Fairbairn, Media Director

I always wanted to be a concert promoter. And when we open new Microsoft retail stores, I get to do just that. The Black Keys. Lenny Kravitz. Kelly Clarkson. It's bigtime. So there I stood at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning at the new store in Corte Madera, looking over a line of 968 people. All to there to see the new store and score tickets to the grand opening concert with Kelly Clarkson. Over 100 of them had camped out the night before and looked even groggier than me. The jams were pumping and the crowd was eager. Need. Coffee. STAT.

This was the culmination of a four-week, hyper-local media buy. We owned the airwaves with radio. We bought in-mall and outdoor that even captured commuters on their ferry ride across the Bay. All told, we got over 11 million exposed impressions. And drew 50 percent higher numbers to the event than previous new store openings. Which sounds impressive, but not as impressive as the screams of over 2,600 Kelly Clarkson fans as she hit the stage. "Concert Promoter." Can I get that on my biz card?

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