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The Marine Mammal Center
Say Hello To Our Little Friends
The Story
by Alvin Lumanlan, Account Director

I think the one thing that sets The Marine Mammal Center apart from other probono projects I've worked in is how genuinely involved we are as an agency to the work that we do for them. It goes beyond us offering up our time and resources to something we've really taken to heart as part of our office culture. You know, like the tagline we use, "We are all marine mammals," it's a reminder that everything and everyone is connected.

For the new campaign, we wanted to do something different and unique to the Bay Area, like poking fun at the SF hipsters and Marin suburbanites, but wrap it all around this idea about our responsibility and connection to the environment. But then it's more than just the ads, like our volunteer day where the whole agency went to the Center to pick weeds and clean seal pens. Or how we're helping them get involved with local artists to get their message out in new ways.

But I think it's bigger than just doing a couple print ads or some banners or building a website, it's the responsibility we all share here to use our resources and connections to help organizations like The Marine Mammal Center carry their message into the future.

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But I think it's bigger than just doing a couple print ads or some banners.
Making the Monster
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