The Marine Mammal Center


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The Marine Mammal Center
The Ghost Below
The Story
by Jeff Sobul, Copywriter & Samantha Siegel, Art Director

The Marine Mammal Center has always been involved in the arts, by either sponsoring events or commissioning projects to help get their message of ocean conservation out to the public. But sometimes just having a message isn't enough. So we helped them start a movement.

The idea for The Ghost Below began when the Center came to us for ideas on how to promote a new artwork they had commissioned, which involved 450 pounds of loose commercial fishing net that had been pulled from the belly of a beached whale. The cycle of these nets is to sink to the sea floor, dragging down any caught animals or trash along with it, only to rise to the surface and do it all over again.

We created a site focused on the materials used in the exhibit to bring the net's vicious circle to life visually, while also inviting people to participate in a bigger movement to reduce ocean trash.

And this site is just a start. In the future, we see The Ghost Below growing as a larger platform for other artists to exhibit and showcase their work to increase environmental education and awareness. Everyone on this team feels strongly about creating a cleaner environment. And being able to help make a difference through our work makes everything we do that much more special.

Everyone on this team feels strongly about creating a cleaner environment.
The Ghost Net Monster
Car Decal