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New Look. New Content. A Whole New Grilling Experience.
Responsive design for desktop and mobile
The Story
by Bo Jacobson, Creative Director needed a little sizzle. As a brand site, had become outdated, housing limited content that centered on product information. Furthermore, Kingsford’s attempt to create a new food-centric community at had less than stellar results. It was time to consolidate the two sites and create a new place for BBQ and grilling enthusiasts.

Grillers wanted help. After a quick dive into analytics and survey results, we learned people were looking for tips on what to cook, how to cook, and in many cases, how to light the coals. Our goal was to make the go-to place to learn the basics, find some advanced techniques, and check in on what’s new in the world of grilling.

Kingsford Country is more than just a definitive index of how-to content. It’s a storytelling platform. A place to be inspired. To that end, a portion of the site is dedicated to stories of charcoal grilling. Plus we’ve infused the site with a tone that’s proud, helpful, and steeped in tradition. Kingsford Country is about flavor, fun, and the great American tradition of grilling over an open flame.

The resulting website is very content focused. More editorial than marketing, and more educational than promotional, it endeavors to deliver on a visitor’s initial point of interest. Starting from the how-to, recipe, or product page that brought them in, visitors are led to other relevant grilling techniques or stories that they will also appreciate.

The Flat, Adaptive Design Fits Just About Any device, So It's Available To Charcoal Users At Every Phase of Grilling.
Tutorial content for new and advanced grillers