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Hidden Valley
Website Redesign
The Story
by Kammie McArthur, Creative Director

Ranch dressing. It's as American as baseball and apple pie. So how do you serve up the country's oldest, most iconic ranch brand in a way that's relevant to young Internet-savvy moms today?

Answer: the new hiddenvalley.com.

Our strategy was simple. We wanted to create a site that celebrates contemporary Americana in an editorial style. So we enlisted photographer Sara Remington to document real families and the food that brings them together. Then we added videos, stories and great recipes to try at home.

But it's not just the content that's modern and relevant — so is the technology. Busy moms can jump online for quick meal ideas and easily search for recipes based on ingredients they have in the fridge or what their families are craving.

As a mom with an elementary schooler, I can attest that it's impossible to resist trying out the recipes. I'm officially addicted to the spinach dip.

Seriously, try it!

Original Ranch Spinach Dip

We wanted to celebrate contemporary Americana in an editorial style.
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