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eBay Now
Launch Campaign
The Story
by Bo Jacobson, Creative Director

eBay told us that they were going to revolutionize local shopping by offering delivery of retail items from hundreds of local stores, and they wanted our help telling people about it. That was actually a pretty cool moment.

When we dug in to tell the story of this new service, we found ourselves kind of falling in love with the couriers. These people are at the heart of eBay Now, changing consumers' thoughts about what retail shopping could be. They had a natural energy, and we wanted to focus on that to transform them from mere delivery operators to urban ninjas. We gathered a few of them together, took some great pictures, and set about

he task of introducing them to the world by plastering their faces on buses, taxis, bars, street signs, and mobile ad networks. Working with local radio stations (who were talking about eBay Now nonstop) we set up a series of concert contests, happy hours and private shows so we could get out and make some new friends. We even had folks in New York driving around with a branded truck so they could open up shop anywhere.

All things told it was pretty frenzied, but it worked. We got hundreds of millions of impressions and blew away our download and order goals. That was pretty cool, too.

We found ourselves kind of falling in love with the couriers.
Street Team Truck
Outdoor Ad