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eBay Now
Make Mother's Day Happen
The Story
by Jenne Raub, Senior Copywriter & Jessica Bognar, Senior Art Director

You've just sold a campaign called "Make It Happen" and the clients are so excited that they want to get it out into the world ASAP.

What do you do? Well, you follow your own call to action and make it happen.

That's what we did for eBay Now. We spotted an opportunity that had their name written all over it — Mother's Day, a holiday most people forget to shop for until the last minute — and pulled together our resources to pull off two activation events in San Francisco and New York.

We partnered with Benefit Cosmetics to create five gift sets available exclusively through eBay Now, then created giant gift boxes in New York and San Francisco to spread the word.

eBay Now drove a giant gift box through the streets of Manhattan, while the box in San Francisco attracted huge crowds before games at AT&T Park, creating buzz for the two days leading up to the big reveal as onlookers wondered what was inside. Finally, three days before Mother's Day, we unveiled what was inside: 3,000 pink gift boxes, each filled with several Benefit Cosmetics samples plus info on how to get the rest of the gift delivered in about an hour from eBay Now.

Street teams were on hand to explain eBay Now, while Benefit Cosmetics beauticians joined in the fun, giving mini makeovers to hundreds of ladies in both cities. The result? Thousands of app downloads, a surge in orders, a ton of recognition all over the interwebs, and a whole lot of happy mamas on Mother's Day.

The result? A whole lot of happy mamas on Mother's Day.
NYC Box Opening
Mom Makeovers at AT&T Park