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Ebay Motors
The Road Home

The Story
by Tristan Besse, Senior Account Manager

Back in October 2012, eBay Motors tasked Swirl to develop an idea that would help increase awareness and adoption of their online vehicle sales division in 2013. As the concepting began, the team found inspiration in the headlines, as it was announced that more than half of our troops would be returning home from Afghanistan over the course of the coming year.

Bringing together two of the biggest names in automotive, Swirl teamed up eBay Motors with West Coast Customs to create "The Road Home," a special program dedicated to celebrating our armed forces. With a combination of online, social, outdoor, and broadcast, we were able to not only share the message of eBay's vehicle sales but also directly impact the lives of four inspiring veterans.

Working with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Swirl identified four veterans, all of who are huge car enthusiasts, and approached them as a documentary production company. Through a series of interviews, we were able to learn what makes these troops tick and more importantly, if they could have any vehicle, what would it be. From there, we secretly began working with the world-famous West Coast Customs to make their dream cars a reality.

Airing on the FOX Sports Network the day before Veteran's Day, West Coast Customs dedicated an episode of their reality show to The Road Home–profiling our veterans and capturing their surprise as eBay showed up to their homes with the keys to their brand-new custom dream rides

The team found inspiration in the headlines