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eBay Motors
Racetrack Activation
The Story
by Tristan Besse, Account Manager

For the most part, what we did with eBay Motors in 2012 revolved around taking some big steps to get the brand out to gearheads in newer, more creative ways. We went to races. We did a ton of promotions. Yeah, it was definitely a big year.

Starting off, we negotiated partnerships with four of the biggest names in racing — Cary Heart, Justin Bell, Tony Brakohiapa and David Binks. We even designed Binks' car for Global Rallycross. Then we appeared at racetracks across the US with massive booth that showcased our drivers, called "The eBay Motors Experience." At the same time, we also developed brand experiences for major industry events like the LA Auto Show and NADA.

Over on the web, we launched "Uncle Sam's Garage," a tax season promotion with prizes, giveaways and an awesome Iron Maiden-ish inspired soundtrack. Finally, Swirl headed up a major push for "The World's Fastest Car Show," our original web series featuring Justin Bell, which expanded from limited distribution to a broader experience across eBay Motors, YouTube and a dedicated blog for behind-the-scenes. Like I said, it was definitely a big year.

We went to races. we did a ton of promotions. Yeah, it was definitely a big year.
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