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eBay Mobile
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The Story
by Mike Ruiz, Associate Creative Director

I think one of my favorite things about The Shopusphere, is that it was one of those projects where everyone involved wanted to see just how far things could be pushed. From the team to our clients, we all felt being able to own a piece of the sky was an awesome foundation for a great concept.

The idea came about when our clients at eBay Mobile came to Swirl with a last minute opportunity to sponsor the in-flight internet on all domestic flights for Delta and Virgin America. As we started brainstorming, the thought that

eBay was literally taking travelers to a place 10,000 feet up so they could shop for anything in the world began to resonate and The Shopusphere was born. And then we got all psychedelic.

For inspiration, we looked at some crazy animations from the 60's and 70's and worked with Laundry!, a great motion graphics studio in LA to bring the idea to life. End result? A campaign that's been viewed by millions of travelers since launch and an idea that grew from a one-off project to a year-long promotional event.

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