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A Time for Giving Thanks and Wearing Stretch Pants

With the fast-paced spirit of holiday deadlines in full effect here at Swirl, nothing beats being able to take a moment to sit down and enjoy a delicious Swirlgiving style potluck with your coworkers.

The smooth sounds of Sinatra filled the air as everyone flowed in and filled their plates up with the most delicious food. Turkey sandwiches were piled high next to savory sides and decadent desserts—there was plenty of gluten-free dishes too—it was clear that the entire Swirl family knows there way around the kitchen.

After the dust settled and everyone returned to their desks with a full belly and heart, it became clear that Swirlgiving was a hit by the sheer lack of leftovers. Ask around about what people loved most and the responses sounded something like this

  • Pears poached in mulled wine with chocolate sauce (GF)
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Pancetta stuffing
  • BBQ meatballs
  • Savory Brussel Sprouts
  • Pumpkin pie (GF)
  • Jalapeno popper cheese muffins
  • Everything free lemon meringue’less pie
  • 10lbs of guacamole

Like always, it was a fantastic feast with great food and even better company. Looking around the room at all the smiles of colleagues new and old was a great reminder of how thankful we are for the wonderful family we have at Swirl.