Summer internship at Swirl


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Summer internship at Swirl
Far from ordinary

For summer 2015, we were thrilled to have seven interns, or summer Swirlies, four of whom came to Swirl through the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Project. Hailing from colleges across the country, these students were awarded internships in our creative, account, media and strategy departments. Each was assigned a department manager who kept their inbox full of juicy assignments as well as a Swirl Scout who was their summer buddy and helped them quickly acclimate — assessing the best agency snacks and the best trails in the Presidio. They also had dedicated mentors who were part of the “Intern Task Force” and lent guidance and support and hard-won industry wisdom as the team tackled their group project.

In addition to client assignments, our interns were tasked with creating a weekly blog called Camp Swirl to capture candid moments of Swirliness. The purpose of curating content for the blog was to gain a better understanding of social media in a professional environment, including developing appropriate tone, style, and messaging to reflect the culture of Swirl. Together they researched trending topics and interesting developments in social media and presented their findings at our monthly social status meetings.

Another exciting opportunity was the group project. It required an all-hands-on-deck effort — collaboration in earnest — from concepting and pitching ideas to Swirl executives, writing the creative brief and putting together a media plan, to presenting their final program to the entire agency. The end result was a portfolio-worthy brand activation. (And some fierce NERF battle skills.)

Let’s be clear: this wasn’t just a summer job, it was an education in what makes us Swirl. The collaboration, the eagerness and energy, and yup, all the fun and pie eating is part of our magic formula. The entire agency shared and showed them the importance of teamwork, and at the Swirl Olympics, they showed us the near-impossibility of tossing a mini keg. Really. It’s harder than it looks.

“Having the interns was good for everyone. They were a great reminder of the kind of passion this business generates. I really feel they helped us up our game.” - Associate Creative Director