Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle


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Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle
Changing Lives with The Challenge of a Lifetime

A good challenge builds character, the lessons learned are as humbling as they are everlasting. That’s why on September 10th, Team Swirl participated in the mother of all challenges—the Best Buddies Challenge. A 100-mile bike ride from Monterey to Hearst Castle along the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s equally one of the most grueling and most beautiful rides one could ever hope to experience with over 7,000 feet of climbing and some of the most breathtaking views (matching orange spandex not being one of them) you will ever see.

Now, you’re probably wondering where’s the silver lining with hoping that your legs don’t fall off while peddling uphill for 100-miles. Well, besides raising money for a truly wonderful cause, one of the most epic celebrations is held every year right by the finish line at Hearst Castle. From smoky barbecue to a rainbow of locally sourced produce, there was more delicious food than you could imagine, along with an open bar… and oh some band called “The Beach Boys” performed. But the night didn’t stop there, the new Swirl tradition of post-party Karaoke was as worthy of a standing ovation as it was wonderfully cringeworthy that night.

For those of you that wished you could have been there to support the Best Buddies program but didn’t have the chance—hold on to your spandex! Signups for the next Best Buddies Challenge at Hearst Castle (with 62, 30 or 15-mile challenges available) are here. We and the rest of the Bay hope to see you there!

Why We Ride
Best Buddies International is a nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with IDD. Through Best Buddies, hundreds of thousands of people with IDD have successfully moved from segregation and isolation to a new acceptance in their schools and community, and workplaces. This organization is a valued partner of Swirl—three years ago we welcomed our very own buddy, Eddie Allen, as our office coordinator. From him keeping us all in check, to teaching us how to Dougie, we're so thankful Eddie has become an integral member of our Swirl family.